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This article will be regularly updated as reactions keep coming. As in the case of Brexit in the UK, US pollsters gave wrong predictions, insisting until the last day that Hillary Clinton had a comfortable lead. I read there was a monkey somewhere in inner China that predicted that Donald Trump would win.

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At least someone. As Republicans gained control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, the maverick politician will have enormous powers.

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Marine Le Pen's head of strategy: "Their world is crumbling. Félicitations au nouveau président des Etats-Unis Donald Trump et au peuple américain, libre!

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Europe should take the opportunity to show it remains the standard-bearer of human rights, he said. With Donald Trump, western society weight will be diminished, Gros further argued.

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Trump was considered to clearly be the favourite of the Kremlin. Hayden said yesterday 3 Novemberthere has always been a sympathetic authoritarian chord struck between Trump and the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Sounding simultaneously populist and a little bit the conspiratorial Marxist, Trump has claimed that unseen forces could rig the US election. The biggest winner from Trump's victory: Putin. However, the support for Donald Trump is high in migrant-wary central Europe and in the population in western Europe supportive of far-right and anti-EU forces.

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In Moscow there is a Trump party in-full cukorbetegség kezelésére bogarak pro-Kremlin activists gathered in a bar for the results. But could there be 2 presidents here?

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